Game Processing



Here at TGV, we treat our customers like family, and treat their meat like it is our own. We strive to provide the highest quality meat cuts, sausage and jerky you will ever try. MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE DEER YOU BRING US, IS THE MEAT YOU WILL GET BACK. PERIOD. We do not bulk process, or mix meat together and part out per weight. Each order is done separately, from boning to trimming and sausage to jerky. You will never get anything back from a deer you didn't take.

We wrap all meat in a tried and true method. Our processing last longer and is better protected than vacuum packed bags. We clean and package all meat in a thick freezer bag, and then wrap the entire thing in freezer paper. Just like it has been done for ever, and just like we have been doing our meat personally for decades. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Small Game (Whitetail, Axis, Black Buck, Ect.)

Basic Processing

(Skin, Quarter, Cut & Wrap)

Parts & Pieces W/Bones
$2.00 lb.
Parts & Pieces Boneless
$1.50 lb.
Corned Venison $25.00
Pastrami $30.00
Bacon Wrapped Back-strap Cutlets $20.00
Pan Sausage (Reg or Hot) $3.00
Pan Sausage (Jalapeno/Cheese)
Smoked Link Sausage (Reg or Hot)
Jalapeno/Cheese Link Sausage
All Sausage is 50% Venison & 50% Pork
Jerky (Wet Weight) $8.00 lb.
Dried Sausage (Reg, Hot or Jal/Cheese) $5.00 lb.
Wild Hogs
Process Amount

Basic Processing

(Skin, Quarter, Cut & Wrap)

$1.00 lb. Flat ( $50.00 Minimum, $200.00 Maximum, No Size Limit)

Pure Pork Pan Sausage

$2.75 lb.

Pure Pork Smoked Link Sausage

$3.25 lb.

Large Animals (Elk, Moose, Ect.)
Process Amount
Skinning $60.00
Processing $1.25 lb.
Parts & Pieces $1.50 lb.
Skinning $85.00
Processing $1.25 lb.
Parts & Pieces $1.75 lb.
Additional Services
Gutting Animal $40.00
Animal Storage (Up to 1 Week) $25.00

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